Michael Vick Wants to Work with Humane Society  

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Jailed NFL Star Approved for Home Confinement in Dog Fighting Case

by DogTime blogger Michael Martinez
May 20, 2009

Whether he's sincere about making a change or is just taking his first step at resuming his pro football career, Michael Vick is reaching out. He wants to work with the Humane Society of the United States to eliminate dogfighting among urban teens.

Vick, who was released today from federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan., and will begin serving two months of home confinement, met recently with Humane Society president Wayne Pacelle. The two spoke recently after one of Vick's attorneys requested the meeting, according to the Associated Press.

"He indicated that he's tremendously remorseful about this, and now he wants to be an agent of change, to work to end dogfighting and to specifically get young kids to cease any involvement in these activities," Pacelle told the AP.

Although it's uncertain what type of role Vick would play, it's likely the Humane Society could ask him to appear in public service announcements or speak to youth groups.

"There are no successful dogfighters; it is a dead-end activity," Pacelle told the Los Angeles Times. "More than anybody, he can tell the story about how it set him back in his life in a very dramatic way."

I'm still skeptical, which I pointed out yesterday. It's going to take more than a couple of 30-second PSAs to convince me that Vick has learned from his crimes and will do whatever it takes to end dogfighting.

I'm not sure 19 months in prison has done that.

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