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Dogs Used as Shark Bait

Sun Online
By Ian Hepburn
28 Sept 2005

Stray dogs are being skewered on hooks and dragged behind boats as live shark bait, The Sun News shockingly revealed.

The cruel practice takes place on French-controlled Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, where Prince William spent two holidays.

A six-month-old labrador pup was recently found ALIVE with a huge double hook through its snout – like the dog above – and another through a leg (see picture below).

The pup was found in a coastal creek and is thought to have somehow freed itself from a fishing line.

But other dogs and kittens have been chomped up and swallowed by sharks.

The RSPCA plans to petition the French government, demanding an end to the hideous torture.
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ONLINE POLLS: We are against dogs being used as shark bait!

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This is so-o-o sad. How can people do these things? Thanks for letting us know. I signed the petition.

July 21, 2009 at 7:33 PM

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