The Most Important Command to Teach Your Dog  

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Here's a great article that I thought I would pass on...hope you find it helpful! –Kim

There are many important commands to teach your dog, such as "Sit!" and "Stay!" However, many dog owners consider "Come!" to be at the top of the list.

Why? Because in some instances, "Come!" is the primary way you will get your dog's attention if he is running or playing.

It's easier to get your dog to stay or sit when they are back by your side. To accomplish that task, they need to know the "Come!" (recall) command.

The "Come!" Command Helps Make You the Pack Leader

Dogs are accustomed to living in packs with other dogs, so a strict hierarchy is completely normal to them. If you treat your dog as a partner with equal rights, you may give him too much freedom. That will only confuse him, because a dog needs clear rules. There must be a leader of the pack – and it's the leader who calls the dog to "Come!"

Teaching the Command
Begin training your dog indoors. First of all, it's important that your dog reacts to you and comes when you call him. Always use the command "Come!" coupled with his name. After you have called him once or twice, he will probably come running to you. Praise him lavishly, or even spoil him with a little treat.

Sometimes, your dog may have something more important on his agenda than coming to you. If he doesn't come to you after you've called him twice, get him and walk him to the spot where you where when you called him. Praise him continuously while walking and when you arrive at the "call spot." Repeat the exercise right away.

If you are outside in your yard and you call him and nothing happens, you may start a wild chase if you try to get him. Your dog – especially if he's a playful puppy – may consider this a wonderful game. This will not make for a successful training session, though, which means you have to use another method outdoors. If your dog doesn't come to you when you call, just turn around and go away. In most cases, he'll come running after you.

If Your Dog Already Knows "Sit!" and "Stay!" and Other Commands...
Give your dog the "Sit!" (or "Down!") and "Stay!" command. Take five steps back, whistle, say your dog's name and "Come!" in an excited tone of voice. You can also open your arms to encourage him. When he obeys, praise and reward him. Repeat the command (taking only five steps back) for no more than ten times.

When he has this mastered, increase the distance to ten steps. Never call your dog to scold him or to do anything that he won't like. Responding to "Come!" should always be a positive experience for your dog – and, because your best friend is there by your side, for you, too.

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