Who Says Dogs Can't Think?...  

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...Or Plot?!...
This is so classic that I had to post it....
I was on the phone this afternoon with one of my young-adult-single daughters*, who is currently living out of state with two of her own rescues – a Mini Schnauzer and little Doxie mix.
My daughter was in the process of enjoying a rare lunch break at home before her upcoming, extremely arduous evening shift. As a struggling young songwriter, musician and performing artist carrying the pressures of a mortgage, utilities, car repairs, insurance and the various urgent needs of daily life on her own, lunches like this are a relative luxury, as her refrigerator is usually empty.

Otis (the Schnauzer) was laying on the couch next to her, alternately eyeing her plate and chewing a squeaky toy. Suddenly, I heard her exclaim in an anxious voice, "OH, NO! There are two lost dogs running around in the street outside my house – a little Pug and a Weimaraner – without any collars!"
My daughter watched the dogs for a minute, and I could feel, even through the phone lines, the pull on her heart for these two wanderers. Suddenly I heard her exclaim, "What?! They stopped and they're looking at my house! The window is open and they can hear the squeaky toy!" It seems the piercing squeak of the toy Otis was happily chewing was acting as a homing beacon, drawing the two lost dogs straight to her front door.
"Oh, no! They're running into my yard! Oh my gosh!... They're… they're running right up on the front porch!!" I told her I'd call her back and hung up the phone. Several minutes passed....
Not hearing anything and overcome with curiosity, I called her back after about fifteen minutes. A rather annoyed voice answered the phone. "Hello..."
"So, what happened?" I asked.
Otis"Well, when I went to the door, I heard someone calling them and they took off down the street. (Long painful pause.) Then I went back to sit down and finish my lunch... but... MY SANDWICH WAS GONE!"
She continued forlornly, "I looked at Otis, who was QUIETLY sitting on the couch, looking very pleased with himself. 'Otis,' I said, 'did you eat my sandwich?' MOM... HE LOOKED AT ME ... AND BURPED!"
I assured her, after unsuccessfully trying to contain my own amusement, that someday she will look back at this time in her life and laugh.
But somehow, at least right now, she doesn't quite believe me.

*Our three talented daughters live together with their own rescues: two Mini Schnauzers, a Dachshund, a Dachshund mix, a Chihuahua and little Terrier mix.

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