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Wysong Epigen Dog & Cat Food

What It Is: WysongPremium, high-protein, starch-free, natural food for dogs and cats (yes, same food for either!)

Manufacturer: Michigan-based Wysong; manufactured in USA

Available: In pet stores and online.

Review: This week, our dogs had the chance to sample some Wysong Epigen pet food. This new food, which just hit the market in June, replaces the starches found in more traditional dog foods with proteins, as they would occur in a natural diet. Epigen joins the line of pet foods and other products Wysong has been making since 1979.

The food, which is patent pending, features 60% protein, 11% fat (min), 3.5% Fiber (max), 12% moisture (max) and 0.4% taurine (min). The taurine is present in the food because this food is designed to be equally appropriate for dogs and cats.

The main ingredients in Wysong Epigen are (in order): "organic chicken, chicken meal, chicken giblets, vegetable proein (consisisting of one or more of the following: potato protein, rice protein, corn protein, wheat protein), poultry fat, eggs, yogurt, flax seed, apple, beet pulp, plums and more."

Our dogs loved their trial of Wysong Epigen. With Wysong Epigen, there is no problem with the dogs and the cats sharing a plate of kibble – a big paw up!

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Information from the Manufacturer

WysongWysong Epigen represents the first important kibble pet food innovation in almost 60 years (patent pending) and moves conventional dry extruded pet foods much closer to the high protein meat-based, starchless foods for which carnivores are genetically designed. With that, they are given greater opportunity to enjoy their full natural health. Epigen is equally appropriate for both cats and dogs.

Unique Epigen features:

  • wysongThe first extruded dry diet/kibble pet food (patent pending) that is Starch Free (Epigen does what "Grain Free" pet foods only pretend to do)
  • Contains an unprecedented 60+% meat and organs and over 60% protein
  • More closely resembles the food your pet is designed to eat
  • Has the natural flavor and taste that pets truly desire
  • Is replete with all the critical food elements Wysong was first to put into pet foods – probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, phytonutrients, nutraceuticals, natural form antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in omega-3's and other essential fatty acids
  • Made in the USA at Wysong manufacturing facilities with ingredients from USDA and FDA approved domestic sources
Editor's Note: Due to the extreme difference in this food from other commercial dog foods, we strongly recommend mixing Wysong into your dog's current food and SLOWLY changing him or her over to the new diet. This gives your dog's system adequate time to adjust to the drastic change.

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