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Product Review:
Got an Anxious Pup? Silver Lining Herbs Can Help!

In my years of being a doggy parent, and especially throughout my work with rescue dogs, I have many times come across dogs with fear and anxiety issues...

  • fear of thunderstorms,
  • fear of loud noises,
  • fear of the groomer,
  • fear of the Vet,
  • you name it!

As a mom to an excruciatingly thunderphobic rescued Rat Terrier, I have tried many over-the-counter calming aids and sprays with little results. Whereas I used to enjoy looking forward to the advent of Spring in the Midwest and the subsequent April showers, I usually watch the Weather Channel in dread. Just the scent of rain in the wind can now send my "Sam" into a panic.

(I've found him trembling in the dark corner of my kitchen closet pantry, behind the pop bottles... this after a long search. At least, this is better than behind the toilet.)

I'll have to admit that, when I decided to try "Keep Cool" by Silver Lining Herbs, I was a little skeptical. Sam had become more and more paranoid over the past couple of years, seeming to grow worse with every storm. His anxiety was increasing to include the sound of trucks, so his paranoia was becoming year 'round. He even began to bark and hide when large groups of people came to visit, like on family birthdays.

So, when I first gave Sam one of the little herbal capsules (in a small meatball), I wasn't expecting much... until I realized a couple hours later he was laying relaxed on the couch in the middle of company ... hmmmmmm ... that's odd ... coincidence?

Tried it again when the groomer came to groom my Groomer-hating Yorkie... gave it to Sam AND my Yorkie... peace again! Both dogs were calm and NORMAL, not sleepy or drugged, just relaxed and alert. I could actually cut my Yorkie's nails. Sam didn't bark like a fanatic.

The true test came in March when we had our first storm of the season. I gave Sam the Keep Cool herbs about an hour before I knew the storm was supposed to hit. By the time the thunder started, he was relaxed and prepared. He didn't even hide this time; he just laid on the kitchen rug next to me while I was on the computer, alert but calm.

Sam has since weathered (pun) several storms the past few weeks, handled them fine, even slept in his bed during the night when the storms came through during the wee morning hours. I am actually beginning to enjoy Spring again!

(Now, I need to make sure the grid is off the drain pipe in the back, and not plugged with leaves, so the rain water doesn't back up to the house and leak into my basement... but I don't think Silver Lining Herbs can help with THAT. At least, SAM is calm as he watches me run out in the rain to unplug the pipe... maybe I should take them!)

Keep Cool by Silver Lining Herbs really works! In my experience, it really does help my anxious or nervous dogs relax. I like the fact that my dogs remain calm and focused, not sleepy. The herbs are all natural, too, no extra unnecessary ingredients. Plus, and this is a BIG plus, the company is wonderful to work with... the service prompt and the personnel gracious. Easy to order, and their products are not expensive.

So, I thought I would just pass this info on to you, as a fellow dog owner who may be still dreading Spring and storm season, or struggling with anxious dogs in general – there is hope! Give Silver Lining Herbs "Keep Cool" a try (product #20)... your dog may rest easier, and you could save your sanity.

~~ Kim

PS - You may want to check out their other natural products for dogs, as well as for horses!

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Excellent info! I enjoyed this post, and many of the others you've been putting out lately.

April 21, 2011 at 11:20 PM

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