Old Pets FORCED to Get Vaccines  

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Here's a great article that I thought I would pass on...hope you find it informative! –Kim

Old Pets FORCED to Get Vaccines
By Dr. Andrew Jones
November 3, 2010

Some boarding kennels STILL require ALL dogs and cats to be current on EVERY vaccine to be allowed into a the kennel...
...meaning the older, decrepit 14 year old pet with heart disease and failing kidneys can also get blasted with vaccine antigen.
I sure would not advise this to ANY older pet.
The multiple vaccines could make your older pet REALLY ill. Many dogs and cats after vaccines will be lethargic, not eating or drinking for 24-48 hours. IF this were to happen with an older pet with compromised kidneys, it could be the LAST straw and send them into Kidney failure.

My advice...
DON'T do this to your own dog or cat.
The risks of your older pet spreading infectious diseases to other animals is virtually ZERO.
Talk to the Kennel owner about newer vaccine regimens – if they are able to talk to your Veterinarian (assuming they agree with this idea), then likely the kennel will comply.
I am now finding that most of my local kennels are fine with a signed letter stating that these dogs and cats are not at risk for spreading any infectious disease.
The one vaccine we still give to older dogs is Intranasal Bordetella, which fortunately has few side effects.
MORE importantly, the POINT of the vaccines was to PREVENT disease. I suggest that most SENIOR pets would be better off with supplements to boost their immune system, and ultimately PREVENT disease.

What to use?
Essential Fatty Acids.
Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium, MSM.
Immune stimulating components, such as Colostrum and Aloe.
You can get a variety of dog and cat supplements with some of these ingredients. OR you can use my Complete Canine and Feline supplements.
These are the supplements I am feeding to my newly acquired older pets, Gussie and Jessie, who have responded wonderfully to them.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

Source: http://www.theinternetpetvet.com/old-pets-forced-to-get-vaccines/?af=981818

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM has been a practicing Veterinarian for almost 20 years. He is a strong advocate of Natural Pet Health Care, and knows that the most important way to heal our pets and prevent disease is through proper nutrition. He developed Ultimate Canine to give our dogs that extra advantage – something that will provide them with everything they need to develop stronger immune systems to fight disease, heal sore or stiff joints, and help them live longer, happier lives. Dr. Andrew Jones' main focus is on alternative, non-traditional remedies for pets. His interest in alternative pet medicine culminated in the writing of his book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

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