An Incredible Journey!  

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Long-lost Virginia Dog Reappears Eight Years Later...

3,000 MILES Away on Other Side of America
By Daily Mail Reporter
December 3, 2011
It must have been an incredible journey, with all the makings of a holiday blockbuster.
But the family of Petunia, a dog that went missing from in Virginia, reappearing eight years later 3000 miles away in California, will never know how or why she made the voyage.
Now, the Virginia family should have their long-lost dog back in time for Christmas.
Meg Eden was in a wildlife area near Beale Air Force Base, Yuba County on Wednesday when she saw what appeared to be a stray dog.
The animal seemed to be an American Staffordshire terrier and pit bull mix, according to the Yuba County Sheriff's Department.
"She was very thirsty and very hungry when I found her," Eden told CBS13.
"I'm just happy she took the right fork in the road and found me."
Eden looked after the dog overnight then brought it to animal welfare officials.
After scanning the pet for a microchip, staff were amazed to find she was registered, as an American Staffordshire terrier, to a clinic in Virginia.
The Virginia clinic then made contact with the dogs owners. Kristen Pruitt of Fredericksburg, Virginia, confirmed that her family dog, Petunia, had been missing since 2003. She also recognised Petunia from photographs.
"It was just amazing to me," said Animal Care Service's Deborah Lewis. "I kept saying, ‘You're in Virginia? Because we're in California.'"
Pruitt and her family are keen that the reunion take place soon.
"I'm curious if she'll remember us," Pruitt told CBS13. "She was my husband's dog."
"It brings tears to your eyes, it really does. I'll give her a kiss and a hug."
Petunia, then 3 years old, went missing from the family farm almost exactly eight years ago.
Pruitt said they searched far and wide for the much-loved Petunia but never found her.
The couple have an 8-year-old daughter who was a baby of 5 months old when the pet disappeared, and so cannot remember her family pet.
The dog is set to fly home this week.

Source: Daily Mail Online
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