Your Dog's Water  

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Here's some great advice that I thought I would pass on. –Kim

Your Dog's Water

Dogs need clean, fresh water daily.

If you won't drink from your dog's water bowl ... then neither should your dog!
  • Wash out your dog's water bowl every single day to keep it clean! (Dirty water bowls can harbor bacteria and bad organisms.)
  • Best water bowl is a stainless steel bowl (easiest to keep clean and resist scratches).
  • If you drink bottled or filtered water, then your dog should too! Some household tap water may contain too many chemicals, so you should include bottled water for your pet on your shopping list. Or, just buy one of those water filter jugs and filter their water from the tap into the jug to take out the toxins.
  • Make sure you give your dog clean, fresh water everyday, and the water bowl should be replenished several times a day with fresh water. Would you want to drink water that has been sitting in a bowl for a few days? Nuff said!
  • Don't let your dog drink any water that could be contaminated. This could include chlorinated pool water, moldy water from puddles and ponds, or toilet water which can contain bacteria.
Source: American Dog Magazine
Copyright © 2012 American Dog Magazine

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