Illinois Urgent Alert!  

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This is disastrous legislation for Illinois...please get involved and help us stop it! –Kim

Protect Shelter Pets in Illinois

SB 648 Would Result in More Killing at Illinois Animal Control Shelters
Senate Bill 648 is a disastrous bill for shelter pets. It would prohibit animal shelters from accepting stray dogs or cats unless they were released from animal control. Any strays who come in would have to be transferred to the county or city pound, greatly increasing the number of animals housed at local government facilities. Some of these facilities don't even have adoption programs. This is a huge waste of lives and also a waste of tax dollars.

The bill has other poorly thought-out provisions, such as requiring humane investigators to notify local law enforcement or the local animal control agency prior to investigating neglect or cruelty.

Please take action HERE and send an email or letter to your state representative to ask him or her to oppose this ill-conceived legislation. If you could also CALL your representative today and politely ask that they vote "NO" on SB 648, it would be greatly appreciated.

Together, we can Save Them All.

Ledy VanKavage, Esq.
Sr. Legislative Attorney

Source: Best Friends
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