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How JustAnswer Works

1. Ask a question
Enter your question above, and create a user account.
2. Name your price
Place a refundable good faith deposit.
3. An Expert answers, often within minutes, usually within a few hours
JustAnswer will send an e-mail notifying you of any answer or request for information from an Expert.
4. Rate the answer
A positive rating pays the Expert and tells us you're happy. If you got great service, consider adding a bonus.
That's all. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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Our Mission
Our mission is simple: We help people.

We Value
• Expertise – We put every Expert through an 8-Step Expert Quality Process, and we confirm their credentials with a third-party verification firm.
• Responsiveness – We strive to respond to customer needs for fast, affordable access to expert help 24/7. In fact, the average wait time for an expert response is an industry-leading 7½ minutes. 
• Help – Our first priority is to help people, which is backed up by the JustAnswer Promise: If you're not happy, we will give your money back.
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