Toys for Your Dog that are Safe and Fun  

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Here are some great tips on pet safety... –Kim

While Providing Fun, Don't Forget about Safety!

There are plenty of toys on the market to keep your dog entertained for endless hours, but there are also a number of factors to consider when purchasing toys. As with children's toys, safety should be first and foremost in your thoughts when considering a new toy purchase for your dog.
Some dogs are never happier than when they're chasing a ball. Many of the hunting and herding breeds will play ball all day and still come back for more. Some of the guarding breeds and terriers, on the other hand, will enjoy toys they can really bite and that respond with sound – so squeezy squeaky dog toys are very popular with them.
Recently, there have been a number of news stories about recalls of unsafe childrens' toys originating in China, Mexico and other nations with poor safety standards. One of the biggest offenses was the presence of lead in the paint or enamel in children's toys. And, there is evidence of the same problem in dog toys; however, the safety standards for pet products is significantly lower than those for human use, so the problem was largly unreported. To be safe, buy American made toys, because of the higher safety approval standards (although, they are getting more difficult to find because of foreign price competition).

Be sure not to give your dog a toy that can be broken up and potentially stuck in his throat! Dog toys, like dogs themselves, come in various shapes and sizes, and a ball that's safe for one dog can easily choke another.
Dog toys should be durable, fun and safe. Hard rubber toys such as the "Kong" line of products can provide your dog with endless hours of chewing fun. The "Kong" comes in various colors and can be filled with a mixture of your dog's favorite treat or peanut butter!

Be sure to check with your veterinarian to ensure that it is okay to feed your dog peanut butter. Also, be sure that any such toy has a hole at both ends to prevent your dog's tongue from getting stuck (by suction) while trying to remove every bit of the treat.
Rope dog toys and rubber rings are always a bit hit with dogs that love to play fetch or tug-of-war. Playing "FRISBEE" can also provide hours of entertainment for dogs and owners alike!
Dogs may also enjoy stuffed and furry toys, but be sure your pet cannot get at the stuffing inside as it can be a serious choking hazard. One good alternative is to buy special dog toys that have no stuffing. Another is to make your own toys, with or without stuffing.
There are literally hundreds of dog toys on the market, just be sure to put safety first!
Have fun!


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