One Brave Little Dog  

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Here's an amazing story that I thought I would pass on! –Kim

Kandu, the 2-legged Jack Russell

by Ken & Melissa Rogers

Kandu's story began in October 2005 when his owners, believing that Kandu would never have a good quality of life, took him to a veterinarian to be euthanized. Very luckily he was rescued by the Evergreen Animal Protective League (EAPL) where his next life began. There are so many people that helped from the EAPL but special thanks to Robin, Betsy, Laura and Linda. You can read about everything they have done for Kandu HERE. And please check all of the other pets they have helped along the way.

Once Kandu made it to his new home, the fun began. Martin Kaufmann with Orthopets fabricated the initial design for Kandu's wheels and winter monoski. This truly turned Kandu's life around. He can now run with the other dogs, dash from room to room, roll up and down the driveway, and yes, he has even been in two parades in Steamboat Springs. Many, many thanks to Martin and Amy for their creativity and energy.

Kandu now lives outside the little town of Oak Creek near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He spends a lot of time with his step brother Bob and house cat Bookie. But as important Kandu is now a certified therapy dog with Heeling Friends in Steamboat Springs. Heeling Friends is a Delta Society Pet Partner affiliate that takes pet partner teams to hospitals and care facilities to offer comfort and companionship to those in need. Kandu has help lift the spirits of many patients at the Yampa Valley Medical Center. This is something he simply loves to do and gets excited every time he sees the front door of the hospital. Please take a moment to check out Heeling Friends and learn more about the pet partners program.

As you can tell, Kandu has had the help and support of many people along the way. If it had not been for Jodi Brooks at KCNC television in Denver, we would never had seen her great story (CBS News4 Story) and met Kandu. Also, our thanks to one of the top mechanics with the Yamaha Racing Team, Geoff Cesmat, for his cleverness as Kandu's wheels evolved. Thanks to Campo Design and to Traci Schalow for their help in putting together Kandu's Web site and all the graphics. And finally our thanks to Drew and all the folks at Colorado Plastic Products for supplying Kandu with materials as we keep building better gizmos for Kandu.

More about Kandu:

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