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Here's a miraculous story that I thought I would pass on! –Kim

A Guy Saw Something Strange on the Side of the Road.

It's Hard to Believe what Happened Next.
May 30, 2014
The dog was found wandering the streets, badly injured.
This dog was found wandering down the side of a road, starving, alone and badly injured. He must have been hit by a car, because his rump was a bloody mess. The tail had been broken off. The injury was so bad there were nerve endings showing. His injury, though, explained something strange his rescuer noticed: the dog could only use his front two paws.
His tail was broken off, with
nerve endings and bone exposed.
As a result of his injury, he could
only walk on his front two paws.
The poor pup was rushed into a vet's office for treatment, shaking with fear. Luckily, "Hands Solo" (or "Hands" for short) was about to receive expert care, lots of love and a miracle.

His story didn't end there, though. After receiving treatment, he was welcomed into a foster family's care. There, he found out what it meant to be part of a loving family. He also found out a way to be miraculously healed ... just watch:

Hands is truly incredible! This dog did not give up once, nor did his rescuers or foster family! It's absolutely unbelievable he was able to run like a normal dog after it was all said and done. This is the best ending ever, so share it with others!

Source: ViralNova

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